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“Precious or semiprecious, gems are the soul of jewelry.”

Different moods, different times, different occasions, different days… Jewelry must become a part of you and your personality, whatever you’re feeling like today.

Overso wants to develop the world of affordable jewelry with a new concept, one that’s all about choice. The wearer can change the mood, the stones and the design of this double-sided, reversible jewelry. Just as a painter uses gouache to prime the canvas, the stones’ bright colors breathe life into a whole universe.

univers eden dans son jardin overso joaillerie

Do you know this marvelous garden, where wild animals, magical insects and lush vegetation live in perfect harmony?

If you’re lucky—and you don’t make too much noise—you might see incredible ladybugs with wings of red garnet and black spinel…they like to live under enchanted shamrocks with citrine and amethyst highlights.

And don’t miss the unique spectacle of the regal butterfly emerging from its chrysalis to flutter its wings encrusted with semiprecious stones, followed by the sparkling dance of smaller butterflies with bejeweled antennae.

Strolling about the garden, you might also find a surprising species of bamboo swaying by the lake, whose leaves are adorned with peridot and at whose feet blossom island flowers with multicolored hearts.
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As night falls, before going off to Dreamland, the heavens reveal their unbelievable secrets. How would you like to dream with your eyes wide open?

Don’t forget your umbrella, because you might be caught under a star shower of topaz and rhodolite, or surprised by the sudden appearance of a diamond constellation sketched out on this vast blue canvas. Visit the universe...

bijou reversible univers noa et stella ua pays des songes

overso petite joaillerie paris

Paris will always be Paris—city of light, of history and passion. What could be more romantic than starting a love affair in Paris?

The stroke of midnight has just rung out at Notre Dame as it does every night, the Eiffel Tower dons its sparkling evening dress, and your heart starts beating faster as you get ready to declare your love.
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petite joaillerie france overso